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Houston's Best Auto Junkers Buys Scrap Cars

At Houston's Best Auto Junkers, we take our job seriously. With that seriousness comes a lot of pride. People in Houston have a certain idea about salvage yards and companies who buy scrap cars, but we’re here to challenge those notions. Houston's Best Auto Junkers’s salvage yards aren’t junkyards. Houston's Best Auto Junkers likes to think of ourselves as participants in the auto-recycling industry. That’s where we differ from the rest.

While recycling might not matter much to some salvage yards, it is integral to Houston's Best Auto Junkers’s ethos and business model. Our hope is that every single component we salvage from your vehicle can be reused for another vehicle in the future. When parts are recycled in this way, they’re saved from junkyards and toxic landfills.

If your car’s components aren’t reused, we will do everything we can to make sure they’re a reputable Houston recycler. We’ll also make sure all the harmful materials and harsh contaminants are safely disposed of.

Whatever the case, we won’t let your vehicle go to waste. We believe in protecting the environment. Houston's Best Auto Junkers wants to be part of the solution, not the problem.

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Selling and Buying Scrap Cars

There are a lot of salvage yards who are in the business of buying scrap cars, but are they in the business of making reasonable offers? Unfortunately not. Houston's Best Auto Junkers, on the other hand, is always able to buy your vehicle for the best price. Our longstanding reputation in the Houston area has given us a sense of security that other salvage yards in the area lack. Whether you’re looking to sell your BMW, Buick, Chevy or a Chrysler, we will buy it! We guarantee to pay more cash than any other scrap yard or salvage yard in the Houston area.

When buying scrap cars, one thing we promise is complete transparency. We’ll tell you every little thing that motivates our offer. We’re not in the business of keeping our clients in the dark! Other salvage yards only see car owners as clients, but Houston's Best Auto Junkers sees them as fellow community members.

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